Fitness for Lazy Women

No time for fitness? You’ve bought a gym membership card, but laziness wins? It does not matter. One of our readers, who wished to remain anonymous, knows from experience that you can make your body fit without lifting weights. Here are the 5 tips for lazy women who want to be fit.


When I brush my teeth, which takes about 5-7 minutes, I add one more useful habit. Every morning and evening, brushing my teeth in the bathroom, I lift my right leg back as high as possible and hold it while I brush my upper teeth. Then I raise my left leg and start brushing the lower teeth. It is a great way to tighten buttocks and develop flexibility.

A straight healthy back guarantees sound sleep, good memory performance, eliminates headaches, and, most importantly, is appealing to the opposite sex. Each time you walk down the street, work, sit in a cafe, mind your shoulders and do not slouch. Keep your legs straight and not crossed under the table. Leg crossing is very harmful to the back and contributes to the rapid development of scoliosis. Watch the films of the 50s, where women’s posture was a real standard of beauty. So let us return to this fine tradition.

Walk more. Especially up and down the stairs. Just do it right – ascending, step on the heel, not on the toes. If you step on the heel, the whole load goes to the back of the legs and hips, while the pressure on the toes increases the load on the knees and calves, which causes unpleasant pains when walking and even complications, which may lead to surgery.

How can you work out chest muscles, if girls do not like doing push-ups? It’s very simple. Press the two palms together near the chest, as if praying, and begin to push them hard against each other. You will feel pressure immediately. Moreover, you need no gym. This exercise can be done any time, even while you are in an elevator. If you do 50 approaches a day, you will soon see positive changes.

Once I lost 2 kilos by only doing housework. Why not combine two useful habits? When washing the dishes, tense your biceps. When washing the floor, strain the muscles of the hips, buttocks and the abdomen.