Female Yoga

Do you want to look sexier, cure depression and get rid of premenstrual syndrome and more serious health problems? Take yoga classes. But what you need is a female yoga, not usual classes.

Female Yoga Warrior Pose

There is nothing exotic about yoga anymore. Some people prefer Iyengar yoga, others like Ashtanga Vinyasa. Anyway, we could benefit from female yoga classes where classic asanas are performed considering women’s anatomy and physiology. You always get the maximum effect out of any training if it is built according to your individual characteristics.

The instructor in female class considers your age, fitness level and even the phase of the menstrual cycle. As a result, you can focus on exclusively female health problems. For example, the teacher will tell you in the first place that inverted asanas (such as shoulder stand or headstand) have to be strictly avoided during menstruation. But doing them the rest of the month can help you avoid painful periods.

Everybody absolutely have to do sitting asanas during the cycle.

Great way to cope with your PMS is doing crunches and intense side stretch poses because they stimulate the function of atrabiliary capsules, helping to smooth hormonal changes.

Can You Do Yoga With Gynecological Conditions?

With gynecological conditions, many types of fitness are not allowed. Yoga, on the other hand, brings only positive effects. Such conditions as cyst, myoma and endometriosis are the reason to enroll in a female yoga class. These conditions exclude tension and warming of the body. All postures are performed in a relaxed, flow and gentle manner. This is what primarily distinguishes the female class. Your teacher will instruct you on what to avoid during the class and what to be focused on. Later you will be able to build your own practice depending on how you feel and individual responses you get from your body. What’s more female yoga can help you look better.

Yoga perfectly increases your body awareness and responsiveness as well as heightens your sexual sensitivity.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga enhances the metabolism, helping to lose weight. Your body shapes into balanced proportions, round shoulders corrected, forward tilted pelvis improved, protruding wide hips disappeared.

Baddha Konasana, The Best Pose For Women

This pose soothes menstrual discomfort, strengthens urinary bladder and womb, and helps fix urogenital disorders. Use any chance to do Baddha Konasana: at home when you’re watching TV or even in the office when you are sitting at the table (you’ll need a wide chair without armrests).

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward. Lift the chest up and pinch your shoulder blades. Bring your feet together with the soles touching. Drop your knees trying to touch the floor and open the hips. Don’t strain your abdomen. Bring your pelvis down and your spine up. Virtually every asana is based on the counteraction of two differently directed efforts. Breathe evenly and calmly.

Grip your feet with the thumbs and pull them back as far as you can. The longer you can hold the position, the better. 30-60 seconds is enough time for beginners.

Note: If it feels uncomfortable when you drop your knees to the floor, sit on a couple of folded mats or a bolster. Try to open your knees to the sides so they are in line with your pelvis.
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