Every Third Gym Goer Doesn’t Even Sweat

A survey of gym goers brought into light that about a third of them don’t work up any sweat while they are on the premises. Only about 50% of goers go through their fitness exercises diligently; the others are only too happy to be distracted by their friends. Many people go to gyms to strike up an acquaintance with an attractive person.


About 25% revealed they don’t go near exercise machines but prefer to give themselves a good soak in the sauna or a tub.

10% of gym visitors confessed they habitually lay back around the pool, and 5% stay glued to the big screens and enjoy watching sport events.

According to the survey of 2,000 gym regulars, most people spend something like 2 hours per week at the gym, but 29% of the polled don’t get around to breaking into a sweat. Moreover, 10% said they don’t mean to and would feel embarrassed if they walked about perspiring. Many of these were women who keep worrying lest their makeup smears or their hair gets disheveled.

It is not surprising considering that 10% of the people in gyms confess they signed up to meet somebody they will find desirable, another 10% just went with the flow.

Newcomers often give a wide berth to machines because they don’t know how to use them and don’t like to ask; they also don’t want to be seen helped out by others.

Finally, there is a cunning 13% of the polled who let out they are going to the gym but never get there.

The survey was commissioned by Kettler, whose managing director Paul Bevington was forced to conclude that a number of people don’t make good use of the gym equipment.

While the fees for some gyms add up to a whooping yearly sum, the money just goes down the drain for many, “especially if you are reading whilst on the treadmill or cross-trainer,” Bevington pointed out. Of course, all the facilities like the pool and the TV are necessary gym features, but going to the gym “does seem a little pointless” if people don’t exercise and use the equipment.

Nevertheless, 29% admitted they use the gym as an excuse to spend some time out of home.