Aerobics Helps Keep Your Brain as Agile as Body

The health benefits of aerobics have long been common knowledge, but its influence on the brain functions somehow got left out of the picture. But a recent study in the Archives of Neurology corrects this omission, stating that doing aerobics can improve cognitive abilities and thus prevent brain ageing.


Having moved into middle age, we are beginning to have memory problems and find that thinking makes us feel tired. Physical exercising can slow these processes down and even turn it back. The study says that even moderate physical loading like brisk walking, jogging, swimming helps stave off developing these problems.

Lead researcher Laura Baker singles out aerobics as an efficient way for seniors to retain their thinking abilities. Intense aerobic workouts for a period of several months can improve concentration, attention, the ability to keep in mind several things at once. Those suffering from mild cognitive problems are advised to keep them on the leash through doing aerobics, and the study says that women respond to the influence better than mere males!

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