Adidas Sneakers Made of Recycled Ocean Waste

Adidas has created the first ever recycled sneakers. These eco-friendly shoes can help in solving a number of environmental problems. The first trial sneakers were made of ocean waste and debris.


In recent years, people from around the world talk about environmental issues more and more often. At the turn of the century, it became obvious that the gloomiest predictions made by scientists can come true in the near future, if the humanity continues to evolve in the same manner.

Some people and some companies are already thinking about the issue. For example, experts from Adidas decided to draw public attention to pollution of the world ocean with plastic. While doing so, they have already created the most environmentally friendly shoes on the planet.


Such an uncomplicated idea resulted in an amazing project of the world’s first shoes from recycled materials, which were produced from garbage last year. The first 50 pairs of such shoes have already been created in the current year. According to the conviction of the representatives of Adidas Company, the sneakers are 100% recycled.


We have to admit that the shoes are very minimalistic and modest. They are easy to put on and off, and it is very comfortable to wear them. Due to the specificity of the shoe material, the owner’s feet are well protected, do not sweat much and do not get wet. It is assumed that in the foreseeable future, Adidas will establish mass production of such shoes. Another interesting detail is that the first 50 pairs were made of plastic, which used to pollute the sea.