Youth Pill Created


The British scientists have created youth pills, an analog of expensive anti-aging creams. The creators promise that the new product will reduce the so-called crowfoot wrinkles around the eyes at one-third.

Red pills

The pill influences the deepest layers of skin. The medicine has been tested on 480 women. During the period of two weeks, the wrinklesaround their eyes have decreased by 30%. The youth pill should be taken 3 times a day. It comprises a mixture of food extracts, vitamins C and E, isoflavones, lycopene, and omega-3. According to the scientists, the components affect the genetic factors responsible for aging.

Dr. John Casey, one of the founders of the medicine, claims that their pill will activate the genes that produce estrogen and collagen. It might be a real breakthrough in medicine, and the pill can become a new way of restoring women‘s beauty, or it may happen to be just a type of contraceptives which are known to improve the skin if selected and taken properly.

Source of the image: Photl.