Yoghurt Beneficial for the Brain Health


Yoghurt is a good remedy for some stomach conditions, but is also beneficial for your brain. This has been proved by the research of scientists from the University of California (USA).


They found a link between the increase in brain productivity and the condition of human intestinal microflora. The experiment involved 36 healthy women between 18 and 55. The participants were divided into three groups. Women in the first group consumed yogurt with microorganisms improving intestinal microflora. The participants in the second group drank usual prebiotics-free yogurt, and the third group did not consume yogurt at all.

As a result, it was observed that the first group, who consumed the rich dairy product, hardly reacted to any external stimuli, and the level of their emotional tranquility was several times higher than in those who did not drink any yogurt at all.

Among women who consumed yogurt without prebiotics, mixed data have been noted. Thus, the scientists were able to prove once again that probiotics have a positive effect on the human body.