Most People Unaware of Healthy Nutrition Rules


80% of people cannot name the types of products that are essential for a healthy balanced diet.

Fresh vegetables

UK Food Standards Agency has conducted a survey among more than 3 thousand people. The respondents of the survey were met on the street at random. They were asked to answer a few questions about the basic principles of organizing a healthy diet.

As a result, the experts have concluded that the vast majority (80%) of UK citizens do not know the basic rules of a balanced diet and do not possess the information about the products which have to be included or vice versa excluded from one’s diet.

Meanwhile, the researchers noted some positive moments as well. Thus, the survey has shown that 99% of citizens are aware of the importance of regular eating fruit and vegetables. 94% of the respondents know about the danger of eating too much salt. But at the same time less than 9% know that the maximum recommended quantity of salt is no more than 6 grams a day. And what do you know about healthy eating?

Source of the image: Photl.