Sensational Cause of Insanity Discovered

The popular scientific New Scientist journal has published the results of an interesting study conducted by the American scientists who have come to a paradoxical conclusion about what leads to madness.

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It turns out that different bacteria which actively multiply in the body may be the reason for insanity.

For example, streptococci can trigger the so-called Tourette’s syndrome, a disorder of the central nervous system associated with various nervous tics, obsessive movements and so on.

The scientists claim that in such cases bacteria usually penetrate directly into the areas of the brain that are responsible for motive reactions. They provoke false commands causing a nervous tic, aggression, and emotional disorders.

In this regard, the authors of the study have hypothesized that “viral madness” can be treated with ordinary antibiotics. As an example, they keep telling about the case of an amazing recovery of one of the patients with a severe Tourette’s syndrome.

Antibacterial therapy has given its results in just two months, the New Scientist journal writes.

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