Meet the World's Priciest Dog

The highest price paid for a dog so far has risen to $1.5 million (or, actually, 10 million yuan). The dog deemed worthy of this sum is a Red Tibetan Mastiff, almost a year old, named Hong Dong, which means Big Splash in Chinese.

The most expensive world's dog

The Red Tibetan Mastiff is considered to be an inherently Chinese breed, which is confirmed by a well-documented history and the population area – it lives almost exclusively in China. In Tibet nowadays a little more than a dozen of these animals can be found.

History has it that a Red Tibetan Mastiff was the dog owned by Lord Buddha and Genghis Khan. Big Splash now belongs to a Chinese coal baron.

Tibetan Mastiffs, besides being arguably the world’s oldest pure breed, is certainly the most expensive breed. The previous dog price world record was also set by a Tibetan Mastiff, Yangtze River Number Two, two years ago. It was sold for 4 million yuan.

Source of the image: Buzzfeed.

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