Interesting Facts about Condoms


Interesting Facts about CondomsDespite the fact that condoms are publicly available, people very often disregard this contraception method. According to a research done by Durex in 2003, the Chinese have the highest tendency to have sex with a new partner without the use of condoms (70%), the next are the Czechs (58%) and the British (34%). The French take the greatest care of their sexual safety – only 9% are ready to risk their sexual health. Here are some interesting facts about condoms you didn’t know.

  • The first mentioning of condom-like means used to practise safe sex is dated to Ancient Egypt, where they were made out of skins of various animals.
  • 5 000 000 000 units are sold annually.
  • There are more than 100 brands on the market.
  • It is considered that the first condom that looked like its modern analog was found in 1564 by anatomist Gabriel Fallopius.
  • Women buy 40-70% of all condoms on the market.
  • In the 16th century condoms were made of flax fibre.
  • In the 18th century they were made out of intestine of various animals or fish skins.
  • In 1844 Charles Goodyear took out the first patent to manufacture condoms made out of rubber.


  1. I wish me and my bf could do without condoms, but we always use them. How can people like those 70% Chinese risk their health so much?!

  2. Me and my mother mary… we have sexual relantions.. we never use a condom but somehow she still doesnt get pregas… my dad josphep always asks to join in but we say no.. but a twosome is bettter than a threesome 🙂

  3. Hi this is mary here (jesus mother) just to clear air.. i want to tell u i have never ever done any of those things that my son jesus said i have done… i am loyal to my partner and i would not have insest…..i am very appaul with what my child has said and done.. so i have punished him by tying him to the bed and teasing him…. and believe me it is a punishment becasue ive gained a bit of wieght 🙁 i just to clear what he said that i think a threesome is wayy better than a twosome.. i mean comeon ITS A THREESOME its so good having a threesome becuase u get to have two whole penis’s inserted into you.. im having an organsm just thkning about it yummy

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