When Food before Sleep Is Healthy

When Food before Sleep Is HealthyHow many times it was said that having some food before bed is unhealthy. But it turns out that some foods eaten before sleep are not unhealthy at all, but, on the contrary, are very beneficial. They are not just harmless to our organisms – they help us to fall asleep faster. Usually such foods contain such elements as serotonin and melatonin in their chemical composition, as well as magnesium. The last one relaxes body muscles, which facilitates a pleasant falling asleep.

Why Eating Banana Before Sleep?

The most “serotonized” fruit is banana. It means that it is not forbidden to be taken in before sleep.

Why Taking Camomile Potion Before Sleep?

Among herbal potions a camomile drink is very healthy before bed. It has a light soporific effect and is an ideal natural relaxant both for the body and soul.

Why Drinking Warm Milk Before Sleep?

Warm milk is a good alternative to camomile. It contains tryptophan – amino acid which has soothing effects, and calcium which helps the brain to absorb tryptophan. That is why milk as if plunges a person into half-forgotten feelings of early childhood and helps to fall calmly asleep.

Why Oatmeal Porridge Before Sleep?

A small plate of oatmeal porridge will have a relaxing effect and will fend off hunger, for oatmeal is nothing else but a source of soporific melatonin. Especially if a bit of honey is added to it.

Why Cracking Almond Before Sleep?

A handful of almond will also help fall asleep. It contains tryptophan and a sufficient amount of relaxing muscles magnesium.

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