Try Tracking System-Laden Lingerie for Higher Excitement or for Spoilsport


The game of cops and robbers may soon be re-named into something like the Jealous Lover if the latest fashion line created by Lucia Lorio takes flight… Coyly designated as “Find Me If You Can“, it represents sexy, frilly, enticing lingerie set – with a little addition of the GPS Tracking System.

Lucia Lorio GPS Lingerie

А GPS tracking device sewn into – fortunately – not the crucial spots is quite a bulk and may add to the excitement of the game or may detract from it, leaving aside the question of the wearer’s desire to be closely followed. For this isn’t the gadget to be palmed in surreptitiously, it will stick out for all concerned parties to see.

So it’s up to you to decide whether you find it worthwhile to pay up something around $1200 and $1600 for the pleasure to know where exactly a certain piece of lingerie is now… Disregarding the not-so-important fact whether it is on the body or not.

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