The Lawn for Rain in Your Hall to Dry Your Umbrellas


If lawns soak up rain and grow vegetation outside, chances are they may do it just as well inside, Chinese designers Cun-Min Zheng, Yan-Zhen Li and Xin-Yu Wang decided.

Lawn for Rain

Because some of the rain we usually bring home on our umbrellas. Well, here is an inside lawn for you full of sponges where you can prop your streaming umbrella to dry. Yes, it’s actually an umbrella holder, but it does serve as a mini-lawn collecting moisture and carrying it to small plants at the bottom that are watered this way.

Of course it could have been named better and it may be too dependent on the weather, but the Lawn for Rain is something that your umbrellas will like, to be sure. And if you like to have greenery around you may find it quite a charming spot to grow plants in.

Source of the image: Yankodesign