Weather Sensitivity Treatment

Today, every other person complains about headaches, performance impairment and fatigue caused by changes in the weather. Are there ways to help weather-sensitive people?

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Stress and Health

These days life is stressful and it weakens our immune system in the first place. Therefore, any insignificance, like a small change in the weather, may influence on how we feel. A while ago it was only seniors and people with weakened health who felt the cyclone coming, now even healthy people experience discomfort. That especially relates to city-folk who, compared to people living in the country, are more sensitive to sudden weather changes.

Weather Sensitivity Causes

So why is humane body sensitive to changing weather? Physics sees a human being as an electromagnetic contour. If the outer field is changing (which happens during sudden drops in air pressure or magnetic storms), it affects our body.

How Weather Changes Influence Your Body and Health

Our body starts adapting itself to new conditions, which results in altered tone of the blood vessels that are trying to maintain previous blood pressure level.

The first ones to react to weather fluctuations are people with cardiovascular diseases. Among the most vulnerable are people suffering from heart rhythm disorder, vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension and hypotension. Heart experts say magnetic storms double the number of heart attacks. Low atmospheric pressure is associated with even lower blood pressure in hypotensive patients that leads to fatigue, nervousness and sleepiness.

Hypertensive patients are vulnerable to a rise in air humidity and to an approaching high air pressure zone. People suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia (pathological changes in the blood vessels) are influenced by any fluctuations in the nature.

People with chronic disorders of the nervous, urogenital, and immune systems also fall under the “weather-risk” category. By the way, the worse disorder is, the earlier a person starts feeling the change in the weather – not two hours prior to a snowfall or a magnetic storm, but a day or two earlier.

Weather Sensitivity Symptoms Treatment

But there is a silver lining. If you try hard, you can dwindle weather sensitivity symptoms or fight them completely.

  • Focus on your diseases because weather changes always temporarily aggravate the existing health problems.
  • Evaluate your thyroid gland: iodine deficiency promotes weather-sensitivity.
  • Reduce or cut out drinking caffeinated beverages.
  • Support your immune system with adaptogens such as ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine, vitamins C and E. Physical activity will do you good, like jogging and walking that fortify the blood vessels to a great extent and strengthen the nervous system. Alternating shower is also an excellent training for the blood vessels.
  • Whatever the weather, try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.
  • If you have hypertension, keep yourself as warm as possible in cold and windy weather.
  • If you have hypotension, start your day with physical exercises to boost your blood circulation.

Diet Tips for Weather Sensitivity Treatment

Your diet should be well-balanced. Do not start a slimming diet but avoid overeating. Here is a list of what to add into your regular diet:

  • beet,
  • raisins,
  • dried apricot,
  • dried plums,
  • oranges,
  • nuts,
  • onion,
  • honey.

And the last and one of the most important weather sensitivity treatment tips – check on weather forecasts. It is smart to reduce the activity (both mental and physical) before unfavorable days.

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