iPad 3 to Be Launched in March?


Arguably the most exciting speculations related to the electronic world are now centered around the much-expected coming out of the iPad’s next generation (to be called iPad 3 or graced with some special name to accentuate its headway functioning?). Apple’s victorious and opinion-shifting advance on the smartphone market and on that of carry-around Internet and media devices has been too dramatic not to be anticipating the new iPad with a deal of heart-flutter.

Ipad 3

Apple’s retail hit portable tablets, the first two generations of iPad, brought the company record quarterly profits and pumped its stock past the $500 level, and we can safely assume that Apple is eager to capitalize further on the success and means to do even better with the new product.

First of all, rumors have it that the release date is coming on quite soon – by information yet to be confirmed, iPad 3 will be displayed at an event in San Francisco as early as March 7, just a month away!

Other aired expectations include a higher resolution screen compared to the previous iPad, Sharp’s IGZO panel chosen to supply visual perfection, and a rumored 4G connectivity ideal for the country’s high-speed networks. One is also led to expect a quad-core processor, a definite jump from the dual-core A5 stuff we are relying on now.

Of course, the higher resolution screen can wreak havoc with some of the current software interfaces and images, so hopefully developers are already catching up with the new challenge. But it’s a minor cloud on the sunny sky of Apple’s new day.