Dress up for Life: Your Second Skin Will React Ideally to the Needs of Your First


British artist and designer Jenny Tillotson is sure that we stand in need of constant support-cum-correction or just succumbed to the eternal idea of creating a better human being with the help of a gadget or – shall we call it an application? Anyhow it’s some years she has been working on a concept called the Smart Second Skin Dress which is far, far different from a simple skintight garment. It’s a transparent light dress that reads your emotions (being stuffed with special sensors). Once it has, it begins to act accordingly!

Smart Second Skin Transparent Dress

Somehow it decides which emotions want enhancing and which – suppressing, or just has instructions how to react and what “aromatic messages” to exude. What exactly the term may mean and where the dress gets the aromas is a good point, but for now we are only told that the sensation of a cold will make the Smart Second Skin Dress give you a waft of eucalyptus, at the time sensual desires take over you can rely on the dress emitting pheromones, and there is even the possibility of getting an asthma inhaler thrown in.

Having procured this and a third skin dress that will be able to feed you (which will probably be invented in the foreseeable future) you will be ideally equipped for a perfect life.

Source of the image: Dvice.com.