Stylish BlackBerry Empathy Smartphone


BlackBerrys are surely fetching in design and in shape, well-equipped with sophisticated features and popular enough, which can be ascertained at just a single glance. Are the manufacturers satisfied with that? Not on your life. They are working to push the smartphone further into the future, proof to which is the latest concept by designer Daniel Yoon. His idea of a future BlackBerry is called the Empathy.

BlackBerry Empathy Smartphone

The cool BlackBerry features (a translucent keyboard, movable keys, a flexible OLED display and a heads up facility) are augmented by a mood ring. Its sensors handle receiving and sending out the information about your – and other people’s – moods and emotional states via direct access to network social sites.

BlackBerry Empathy Smartphone

Moreover, the Empathy mirrors the owner’s mood changing the color of the keypad. Good enough to grab it when it has been launched, isn’t it?

Source of the image: Tomsguide