Amazing Wacom Digital Pen


If you haven’t disposed yet of the habit – or the necessity – to use paper for drawing sketches or taking notes and want your drawings and/or jottings in the digital format as well, there’s the Inkling by Wacom that is the perfect gadget to meet these requirements. The solution is both simple and neat – Wacom offers you a $199 set with a pen and attached paper which transforms into the digital format whatever you put down with the pen in the real time mode.

Inking Digital Pen by Wacom

Having finished your session, you connect the Inkling to your PC and download your material for further processing.

Inking Digital Pen by Wacom

A professional artist is also sure to appreciate the small device that, when attached to the paper, activates the layer function that provides later-date editing abilities for software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

The wonderful toolset will hit the stores within the next two weeks.

Source of the image: Hardwaresphere.