Babies Get Healthy Eating Habits From Mother’s Milk


BreastfeedingYou don’t have to develop healthy eating habits in your baby, according to new research. These habits develop naturally if a breastfeeding mother sticks to a healthy diet herself. The fact has been discovered by Danish pediatricians from the University of Copenhagen. Their findings show that breastfeeding helps develop a taste for healthy food (like fruit and vegetables) in babies. The researches say that the link is even stronger if a woman eats more fruit and vegetables herself.

So we can conclude that breastfed babies may get to a variety flavors because breast milk is flavored by the foods a woman eats. Ultimately, it makes weaned babies accept the flavors of many foods that their mother’s milk contained. For example, the flavor of banana lasts in breast milk within an hour after being eaten while mint is detectable up for eight hours.

The researches claim their findings can help mothers to develop healthy eating habits in their babies.


  1. Breastfeeding is really harmful for women’s figure. The breasts then become saggy. It’s not worth developing healthy eating habits in babies earlier than they can walk. It’s better to start doing this once babies eat something other than milk.

  2. While you breastfeed your baby, you lose excess weight that you got during your pregnancy. If you care about your figure more than about your child’s health, do it at least to lose weight. Mother’s milk is the best thing you can give your baby.

  3. I have no children yet, but I will take enough care of my baby, don’t worry. And if some women don’t care about their figure, that’s tragic, as pregnancy makes it much worse anyway. Don’t be fixed only on your baby, you also have your husband, who needs you to look beautiful no matter if you have children or not.

  4. I don’t want those saggy pillowcases instead of my nice full breasts, too. I’m not going to breastfeed my baby at all. There’re more than enough products to feed the baby containing essential vitamins and microelements for the baby health.

  5. Sorry, ladies, your comments about saggy breasts are misinformed. While pregnant, your body actually “activates” your milk ducts in your breasts, and while doing so, some of the fatty tissue is lost to the expanding milk ducts. Whether you breastfeed or not, the same sagging will occur as your breasts will never revert to their pre-pregnancy state. The only way to avoid it would be to avoid pregnancy all together.

    Breastfeeding helps you to lose your baby weight (your body has put it on for a reason!) and results in healthier, slimmer children(although some breastfed babies are really chubby, they don’t tend to stay that way).

  6. Okay silly girls. This article is for people who are about to have or already have babies. I think the idea is interesting and while I was unable to breastfeed my children, I still feed them well and they have good eating habits. Why must you turn this into an irrelevant discussion about your breasts and post your ignorant assumptions about body shape and image. If this article doesn’t apply to you, move on to a website about ring tones or fluffy puppy games.

  7. I happened to Stumble Upon this article and enjoyed it; yet another reason why breastmilk is best. However, I am shocked at some of the ignorant comments here. I breastfed 2 kids, and plan to breastfeed my third due in October and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My breasts don’t look like “saggy pillowcases” and personally, I think it’s sad that a person would care more about her figure than the health and well being of her child. I can respect a woman’s choice not to breastfeed, but to choose not to solely because of pure vanity, then you are better off not even getting pregnant if you have that mentality, because your body goes through a lot more changes when pregnant. Elizabeth, you don’t have any kids yet, so you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s sad that some people will read your comments, and be afraid to try breastfeeding without knowing all of the facts. And Amy is right about saggy breasts among non-breastfeeding mothers. I have 4 sister-in-laws, none of them breastfeed and theirs got saggy just from being pregnant. And no, I’m not one of those women who “don’t care about their figure” and let themselves go after having kids, I workout regularly, and am a size 4 when not pregnant, and people often mistake me for a 21 year old when I’m 30! Learn the facts, educate yourself about why breastmilk is better, and then make an informed decision!

  8. Elizabeth & Sonya
    You are vain and so very misinformed. I hope and pray you never have babies.

  9. i rest comforted knowing that women who abstain from bf their children are more likely to get breast cancer and die or at least loose the ability to reproduce and loose their youth, hair and looks to chemo and for those who choose not to desecrate their bodies shape by having children, YAAA, elimination through depopulation. those two sound like trolls

  10. Thanks, Amy, for setting the record straight. It is terrible that women still believe the myth that breastfeeding causes saggy breasts. There was even a study about it last year (

    I lost all of my pregnancy weight in 3 weeks and I’m sure it was the breastfeeding. And regardless of the consequences for my body and health, which are very positive, I am happy that I am giving my son the best start in life that I can. At 10 months, he’s still

  11. For the previous comments, I only have to say this: If you asked for a glass of milk for dinner, and the waitress said “Do you want fresh milk, powdered milk, or watered-down canned evaporated milk?”… whn’tat would you say? I mean, the other two sound disgusting right? Formula is an awesome resource for those who need it, but choosing not to breastfeed because you don’t want your “boobs to sag”? Sad. I find it telling that those of you who made those comments aren’t yet parents.

    I’m not saggy, and I’ve breastfed two babies.

  12. Oh and just had to add: Have fun mixing bottles at 3 am and needing to take a huge diaper bag everywhere. People who formula feed out of necessity know how much work it is.

  13. I agree with Amy. I myself have breastfed all 3 of my kids… while 2 or 3 girls that got pregnant at the same time as I was (with #3) that didn’t breast feed. They are all crazy trying to work out and return to their old figure. I am not working out other than walking with my kids, oh and that natural ‘figure returner’ breast feeding. I am now not only back to my former figure. I really think I look better than I did before, and they are still struggling. I told them they should have breastfed. p.s. their children are older than mine by at least 6 months.

  14. Lisa, thank you for the link regarding the study done on the correlation between saggy breasts and breastfeeding.

  15. I can’t quite believe that breastfeeding doesn’t cause sagging breasts. I’ve never had kids, but had an unfortunate experience trying to enlarge my nipples using a suction device a few times. I was too vigourous, and it triggered lactation. My breasts began to sag and I no longer have any erotic sensation in the nipples and my breasts no longer perk up when sexually aroused. It’s a huge loss in the sexuality department for me. Anyhow, this experience has proven that since I wasn’t pregnant at all and never have been, lactation does indeed cause a lack of perkiness and sagging. However, if you are breastfeeding for the sake of your children, it would be worth it if you do not depend on perkiness for part of your arousal process. In my case, thougth, it was a needless loss.

  16. I think it is personal preference whether you decide to breastfeed or not and I don’t think anybody should judge you if you decide either way. Some women are unfortunate enough to have the inability to breastfeed and this has happened to two of my friends. I can see both sides to the story I think it only natural that before you have a child you are worried about the physical changes your body is going to go through however once that little seed of life is growing inside you your priorities soon change. I am only 12 weeks pregnant and was indecisive about whether of not to breastfeed however after researching I have decided it is the best start to a childs life. I did however feel very nervous to talk to new mothers about my feelings because they are quick to judge and quite verbal about the subject. Why are we woman so quick to put others down, talk behind our girlfriends back and winge about our insecurites. We should back each other and respect each others opinions.

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