Why Is Airplane Food Tasteless?


Many passengers complain about the tasteless food on the plane. The researchers from the University of Manchester have found that the high level of noise is to be blamed.


The noise can affect the strength of taste, and the ease of chewing. A stronger background noise can decrease the sweetness or saltiness of the product in people’s understanding, but it also makes the food crispier. For the same reason, NASA provides the astronauts with the food which has a pronounced flavor. In space, people are also unable to appreciate the taste of foods at the proper level. It is also probable that background noise is one of the key factors there.

The researchers have conducted an experiment involving 48 volunteers who were offered cookies or potato chips and had to put on the headphones with a selection of noises. The more amplified the noise was, the less salty or sweet the foods seemed to the volunteers. According to the scientists, the point is in concentration. If the noise is strong, the person focuses on it, and not on to the taste of the food.

Source of the image: Photl.