Viva Forever Musical Premiere


After the recent grand reunion at London Olimpiad the female Spice Girls quintet met again. This time they presented the Viva Forever musical, based on their songs.

Spice Girls

The premiere of the musical was held in London at the Piccadilly Theatre. However, not all Spice Girls appeared on the red carpet: during the official part, Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Mel C and Emma Bunton were not accompanied by the fifth Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. The latter came on her own, with her husband and children.

However, during the final Posh Spice appeared on stage with musical artists and other singers of the former band. All five of them looked cheerful and bright as usual.

The premiere was also visited by the legendary author of numerous musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the fashion icon of the 1960-s Twiggy.