Sunlight Boosts Men's Testosterone Levels


Exposure to the sun can boost not only vitamin D levels but also testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is responsible for the development and maintaining of sexual characters, sperm production and the controlling of libido.


A member of research team at the Medical University of Graz in Austria said that men who get enough vitamin D throughout the year are not likely to have a lack of sexual desire as they maintain sufficient testosterone levels. One hour of sunshine can boost testosterone levels by 69 percent.

Researchers previously conducted a poll which substantiated the study on whether there is a link between having sex and nighttime.

Collecting the opinions from 500 respondents in the control group, researchers found that waking up at night can lead to changes in sexual drive. Researchers claim UV-light can influence internal secretion glands and boost the production of sex hormones. It is UV-light that make adrenal glands to release lots of androgen, the sex hormone responsible for sexual arousal.

UV-light leads to a burst of oxytocin in hypophysis (a brain gland), arousing a wave of fondness. Sunlight also increases blood adrenaline levels, driving us to sexual adventures.

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