Cosmetic Mirror – See Make up Applied Digitally Before You Buy


Japanese ladies have recently gotten wise to another way they can make use of the digital world – and to a great advantage! The Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido turned out the Digital Cosmetic Mirror that applies make up on the face virtually. Now you can see the effect by the simplest expedient of touching the screen cutting the bother of actually applying make up each time you want the evidence of your eyes.

Shiseido Digital Cosmetic Mirror

The computer is going to do all the servicing now! The camera will take your picture and import it into the Digital Cosmetic Mirror. The program displays the offer of colors, you use the touchscreen to make your choice and get the Mirror to apply it on your image. You can print out as many pictures as you like for home scrutiny and future reference.

Shiseido Digital Cosmetic Mirror

Supposedly the most useful gadget for ladies, Shiseido Mirror not only applies eyeshadow and lipstick employing different techniques, but can also handle recommend different products. One certainly hopes that it will fan out beyond Japan the world over quite soon.

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