Short People Are Jealous Lovers


Two Women and a ManAn international study has revealed very surprising results: height is one of the factors influencing how jealous the person is in a relationship. It has been found, that the shorter one is, the more jealous lover they are. The study was conducted by researchers from the Universities of Groningen and Valencia and involved 549 men and women from the Netherlands and Spain. They were asked to rate how jealous they felt and to list the qualities of a potential rival, which would make them feel jealous.

Who and Why Are Men Jealous of?

As it has been found out, most men are afraid of an attractive, strong and rich rival, but the taller the man, the less he is nervous about the rivals. It can be explained the following way. Tall men are much more popular among women than short ones, this is why it’s easier for them to find a partner.

Who and Why Are Women Jealous of?

The study has also shown, that women can be jealous lovers, when there’s a beautiful and charming rival. And here is also the connection between the height and jealousy: if the height of the woman is average, then she is less jealous. Why? Women of medium height are healthier and more fertile and finally are the main object of attention for men.

Height and Jealousy – Let’s Check It!

I would like to check these results, I think, it could be amusing. Is it really so with you? How tall are you and are you a jealous lover?


  1. When I just dated my wife she asked me if I were jealous. I answered no.
    But I’m 154 cm (60 inches). You would ask, how is that possible?
    In fact I’m EXTREMELY jealous!!!

  2. How come?i mean,My husband of 1mnth is 6.3 & he’s VERY JEALOUS.he checks my phone evry nw and den and i hav 2 tel him in advance whr i wnt 2 go. And 2 think i naturly asumd luv made him wnt 2 protect me durin dose ist times!

  3. I think its only natural 2 wnt to protect what u hav.i am very tall,sucesful and gdlkin BUT i tel my wife evrytime she dares not look @ another man or i’ll kill her…AND i mean it!

  4. Am 6.2 sumtin & U guys r rite.Hmn! Just imagine sumtin u dsire & hav goten bein taken frm u.u’ll agree dat u must guid ur propaty or wont u guard it?its just like lockin ur door @ nite or anyoda time in orda 2 kip thievs 4 me my beta half is easily arousd(if u knw wat i mean). one touch & she looses it so if i dont tak cre of her who will? I am VERY jealous so i hav 2 control her, period.

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