New Disease Found. Athletic Neurosis

Woman with DumbbellsA new disease has been found by English scientists. It’s called athletic neurosis. One suffering from athletic neurosis is obsessed about permanently improving their own body. According to the scientists, such a comorbid aspiration for the ideal is due to glossy magazines demonstrating fit and brawny men and women. As a result there are more and more people finding their own bodies imperfect. Such people finding themselves ugly or unattractive spend hours at gyms trying to achieve the ideal body, but they never become how they want to be.

Athletic neurosis seems to be similar to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). People suffering from BDD are very preoccupied with their imagined physical defect and all they want is to get rid of it and to look like their ideal. They undergo lots of surgical operations to have the body they dream of and are never satisfied with what they have. The reason of this obsession can also be mass media dictating what is beautiful and what is not.

Body dysmorphic disorder patients are prone to depressions and some even to suicide. Athletic neurosis sufferers often have sporting accidents, as athletic neurosis also contributes to athletic injuries. Thus, in both cases there is a threat to both physical and psychological well-being.

BDD affects men and women with equal frequency. Guess who is more prone to athletic neurosis – single men having a lot of spare time and desire to be liked by women.

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