Laughter Is a Salubrious Exercise


Laughter is reported to be akin a light workout since it can stimulate appetite, according to a new study presented at the 2010 annual Experimental Biology meeting in Anaheim, Calif. Researchers found the similarity as regards the effect produced upon appetite by moderate exercise and hearty laughter so great that they even coined the term “laughercise” applied to repetitive “mirthful laughter”.


Like exercising, laughter is able to normalize and improve appetite by lowering the content of the hormone leptin in the blood and increase the content of ghrelin.

”The parallel between moderate exercise and mirthful laughter is uncanny,” pronounced lead researcher Lee S. Berk, underscoring that the research may prove valuable for parents and care-givers to positively influence the appetite of children and patients who are limited in their physical activity.

It has already been discovered that laughter and the general feeling of happiness ease stress and decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases through bringing down cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

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