Ladies in Red Are More Successful


Women in red are more successful. The scientists from the American University of Rochester have discovered that the women dressed in red clothes attract men more than others. What is the reason?

Red dress

The researchers explain this fact saying that the stronger sex is guided by primitive instincts when choosing a partner. The scientists believe that a woman dressed in predominantly red colors will be invited to date sooner than a woman dressed in the clothes of another color.

100 men, mostly students, took part in the experiment. The participants were asked to look at the pictures of not very attractive women. The men had to assess the rate of their beauty, as well as the desire to kiss and to have a love affair with those women. The frames of the pictures were decorated in red, white, gray, and green colors.

As a result of the experiment, it was revealed that the photograph of a woman which had been framed in red, seemed more attractive to the men than the same photo, but in another color. The same result was recorded while watching the photos of the women dressed in clothes of different colors. The red one has defeated other colors. According to the scientists, men prefer red color because it makes them feel love, even if it is purely on the subconscious level.

Source of the image: Photl.