Abusive Husbands Forced to Wear Electronic Bracelets


French lawmakers have proposed on how to protect women from their abusive husbands and domestic partners. Soon violent men, who were previously charged with domestic violence, will be forced to wear special electronic bracelets that can track the wearer wherever he goes.


The bill was recently presented for approval to the French Parliament. The bill is expected to be passed in the next few days with the majority of lawmakers favoring it.

Experts estimate domestic violence from husbands and partners results in 160 deaths of women every year. This figure does not include women driven to suicide. Now women can be protected with the special device. Their husbands will wear portable sensors that can report the exact location of the abuser.

The device is intended for men who have a court order to cease contact with their spouses or partners. Actually, such orders have a long history of making already unhappy family relationships even worse. From the perspective of mistreated women, this is a great idea, but isn’t it too cruel on men?

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/nem_youth.