Does Hair Dye Cause Cancer?


Woman with Dyed HairIt’s well-known, that hair dyes contain chemicals, that can damage one’s hair. Hair dye is associated with thinning hair and destroying hair follicles. According to the study results involving about 10000 volunteers, hair dye is even more dangerous for health. Regular use of hair dye increases the risk of malignant tumors of lymph tissue. Scientists from Yale University claim, that only those, who used hair dye produced before 1980 are more exposed to cancer and regarding hair dyes produced later, the cancer risk increases only if one regularly uses dark colors of hair dye.

According to another study conducted by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), those affected by hair dyes are not women using them, but first of all male hairdressers, who work with hair dye chemicals daily. They are more likely to develop cancer, in particular, bladder cancer. As for their clients, some studies show, that there’s no association between hair dyes and increased cancer risk. Other factors contribute to cancer, and normally there is not only one cause of cancer, but a number of them. So, if hair dye is indeed a risk factor for some types of cancer, it’s only likely to be a very minor one.