Soy Sauce Has Strong Antioxidant Properties


Soy SauceMany of us know, that drinking red wine in moderate amounts is beneficial to one’s health, as it contains antioxidants (molecules slowing and preventing the production of free radicals). Comparing the good effect of red wine on health with that of soy sauce, the latter is even much healthier – antioxidants contained in soy sauce are 10 times more effective, claim scientists at University of New South Wales in Singapore.

By the way, if you would like to compare the health benefits of soy sauce and orange juice, soy sauce is 150 times healthier. This has been proven by experiments of the mentioned scientists. I would remind you, that free radicals can cause early aging, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Dark soy sauce acts as preventive for the entire body and cures not only the listed disorders, but also prevents heart disease. The consumption of soy sauce significantly improves blood circulation. When getting into the blood, the healthy substances contained in it tone vascular walls and prevent degenerative nerve diseases. So, now eastern food fans can say with certainty, that they visit their favorite restaurants not only because of the tasty exotic food, but also to improve their health.