Eurovision 2011 Final Results


Düsseldorf, Germany – The breathtaking Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest has finally taken place today. Europe has got to know the winner of the most prestigious song contest on the continent. 25 countries have taken pains to draw the audience and win the support of millions of people. One might have thought that any of the songs presented in the Final was worth getting the first place. Alas! The scores have been counted, and the best of the best have been announced. The winning country is celebrating, and some may be in despair. Still, the results given below are objective and indisputable!

Eurovision 2011 Song Contest

1. Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam – Finland

The opening of the main part of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Final was marked by simplicity and sincere emotions. The 19-year-old Axel Ehnström (Paradise Oskar) performed his touching guitar ballad Da Da Dam. The hall was fascinated with the sweet melody and lyrics of the song. The Finnish representative has managed to win the audience’s love, and his calm and relaxed performance was greeted even warmer than at the Semi-Final.

2. Dino Merlin – Love In Rewind – Bosnia & Herzegovina

A simple, easy, and light track Love in Rewind was performed the second in the Final of the Song Contest. Edin Dervišhalidović (Dino Merlin) managed to create good mood in the hall of the Espri Arena in Düsseldorf. He received a friendly welcome from the audience.

3. A Friend In London – New Tomorrow – Denmark

Then it was Denmark’s turn to compete for victory at the Song Contest. The members of the Danish rock-pop band A Friend In London filled the hearts of everyone present with optimism and inspiration. Their song New Tomorrow that had already gained many fans all over Europe received substantial feedback from the Eurovision hall that was screaming out cheers in support of Denmark.

4. Evelina Sašenko – C’est Ma Vie – Lithuania

Evelina Sašenko, a Lithuanian jazz singer, performed fourth in this year’s Eurovision Final. The song C’est Ma Vie sounded even more powerful and energetic than in her previous performances. Intense dark-blue light on the stage and heartfelt timbre of Lithuania’s representative heated the emotions and nearly made the hall mad. According to the experts’ words, it was one of the most thrilling performances of the 2011 Song Contest.

5. Kati Wolf – What About My Dreams? – Hungary

The forceful “What about my dreams?” sounded in the hall when Kati Wolf from Hungary appeared on the Espri Arena in her attempt to win Europe’s liking. Overwhelming emotions were felt in every note. Beautiful blue flashlights and energetic dancing completed the performance perfectly.

6. Jedward – Lipstick – Ireland

The hall was thrilling in the expectation of the next contestant – the band Jedward, the favourites of this Eurovision Song Contest. The twin singers performed in an off-hand, carefree manner that had charmed the audience so much in the Song Contest Seni-Final. Their freaky look and the daring, energetic song Lipstick made the hall roar with cheers.

7. Eric Saade – Popular – Sweden

The next to come onto the stage of the Eurovision 2011 Final was Eric Saade from Sweden. As before, he managed to set the hall on fire with his passionate assertion “I will be popular”. Glass cages, impressive visual effects, and exquisite dancing made this performance unique and likeable.

8. Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street – Estonia

The eighth performer at the Final was its youngest contestant – Getter Jaani from Estonia. Her song Rockefeller Street turned into a stylish, colourful and glamorous theatrical show, creating a party mood with its gleaming lights and posh dancers who helped to make this performance unforgettable.

9. Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike – Watch My Dance – Greece

The song Watch My Dance performed by the Greek representatives Loucas Yiorkas and Stereo Mike continued the Final of the Eurovision 2011 Song Contest. Their powerful voices and unrestrained energy made this performance very masculine and strong. Choreography and visual effects worked together to contribute to the overall impression of an excellent performance.

10. Alexej Vorobjov – Get You – Russia

Russia was next in line. The Russian representative Alexej Vorobjov addressed the audience with the message, “Do you feel my heartbeat, Europe?” His song Get You electrified everyone in the hall with its frenzy rhythm, energetic flawless dancing ant the catchy motive. The performance was truly on the European level and worthy of the Final.

11. Amaury Vassili – Sognu – France

Unlike other contestants, whose performances had been seen at the previous Semi-Finals, the representative of France appeared on the Espri Arena for the first time. Amaury Vassili is only 21, but he has already released two solo albums. His opera vocals are highly praised. The song Sognu was meant to show the versatility of French music. It is translated into English as “The Dream”. As Amaury was performing, beautiful views of cloudy skies, sunset, and fire were changing at the background. As the performance finished, he was greeted by roaring applause.

12. Raphael Gualazzi – Madness Of Love – Italy

Another new face at the Final was the representative of France. After 13-year absence Raphael Gualazzi returned to the stage. The singer performs in the styles of jazz, blues, and fusion. He also became the winner at the 2011 San-Remo Festival. His soulful lyrical composition Madness of Love fascinated the listeners with romantic sounding created by various music instruments involved in the performance.

13. Anna Rossinelli – In Love For A While – Switzerland

Switzerland was convincing in the final, and Anna Rossinelli, who had already got recognition touring across Europe, did her best to impress Europe with her lyrical song “In Love for a While”. The miraculous and romantic atmosphere of the performance deserved some applause of the audience who felt they could easily walk the rainbow due to the colorful images on the screen.

14. Blue – I Can – United Kingdom

Being incredibly popular in the early 2000-s, Blue reunited to achieve new goals. They made themselves clear they wanted the glory back. The guys were dressed in flawless suits and looked irreproachable. They inspired the audience with the song “I Can”, authentic optimism in their eyes, and abundant pyrotechnic effects.

15. Zdob și Zdub – So Lucky – Moldova

A song by Zdob și Zdub is always a show. The band managed to combine hardcore punk and ethnic motives in another hit for the Eurovision contest. Moldova has shared some hilarious energy and fire with the audience due to its cheerful “So Lucky” song, funny costumes, unrestrained motion, and the revolution of light onstage.

16. Lena – Taken By A Stranger – Germany

Encouraged to participate in the song contest again after the unbelievable success of her previous hit, Lena appeared onstage to impress the audience with her tempting voice and the effect of mirrors that are spectacularly broken in the final of the song. She was assisted by a group of ladies in silvery costumes who created an intimate show.

17. Hotel FM – Change – Romania

Welcome to the Hotel FM which makes your dreams come true. Romania inspired the change and welcomed everyone to make the world different – make it better. The performance proved to be not only dynamic, but stylish and rhythmic as well while the piano on stage communicated a melancholic mood.

18. Nadine Beiler – The Secret Is Love – Austria

As a student of a Law School, Nadine Beiler is surprisingly successful at singing. Her extremely strong voice and a beautiful song presented at the 2011 Eurovision song contest had good chances. The girl sounded convincing and persuaded everyone that love makes the world better. That is the secret Nadine shared with us. The audience greeted her performance with a roar of applause.

19. Ell/Nikki – Running Scared – Azerbaijan

Ell/Nikki performed a sensitive and touching song “Running Scared”. The couple looked just so harmonious. The white color of their clothes and the shining stars behind their backs created the atmosphere of hope. This melodic and tender song proved to be one of the favorite at this year’s Eurovision.

20. Maja Keuc – No One – Slovenia

Maja began to sing at school and decided to perform in jazz, blues, and soul styles. She is a well-known star of musical shows. Her song “No One” was a powerful performance of a strong and confident woman accompanied by a rhythmic dance of her girls’ band and suggestive visual images. The music fans surely adored Maja’s elegant dress and expressive make-up.

21. Sjonni’s Friends – Coming Home – Iceland

The band Sjonni’s Friends from Iceland dedicated their song to the memory of their deceased friend Sjonni. They sounded cheerful and optimistic bringing positive emotions to everyone in the hall. The men from the band proved they understood each other with the help of their music. Their song “Coming Home” was a charming fairy-tale suggesting that home is the best place to return to.

22. Lucía Pérez – Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao /They Can’t Take The Fun Away From Me –Spain

At seventeen, Lucia won the contest of classical performers, and her fame got increasingly popular. It led her to the Eurovision final. Her passionate Spanish song and her tempting smile made everyone think of some sunny resort which is full of joy, summer splendor and fireworks. It surely rang the bell in many a soul of the music fans in Europe.

23. Mika Newton – Angel – Ukraine

Ukraine entered the stage of 2011 Eurovision with the song “Angel”. The charming composition by Mika Newton was accompanied by the pictures on sand telling a story of true love, happiness and faith. Mika Newton herself was dressed like an angel and shared her tender voice and authentic emotions. Her lyrical composition made everyone think about the meaning of life.

24. Nina – Čaroban – Serbia

Despite Nina’s first appearance in front of the pan-European audience, she had an impressive start and looked confident in the final. Colorful and melodic, Nina’s song could be listened to again and again. She and her backstage girls created a show of sound and color while her charming voice and golden hair conquered the audience.

25. Eldrine – One More Day – Georgia

A constant participant of TV shows in Georgia, Eldrine sang truly successfully on the stage of the most prestigious song contest in Europe. She managed to make the audience wake up due to her rock composition “One More Day”. It was a fiery song and a passionate contestant who could definitely expect high scores.

The Final was watched by millions of music fans across the world. They supported their favorites and voted from the beginning of the show and till the last possible moment. The announcement of the result was a breath-taking procedure. After each country had announced its scores, the third place went to Sweden, the second place was taken by Italy. While the winner of 2011 Eurovision song contest was Azerbaijan!

Eurovision Winners

Here is the top ten of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest:

  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Italy
  3. Sweden
  4. Ukraine
  5. Denmark
  6. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  7. Greece
  8. Ireland
  9. Georgia
  10. Germany