Don't Tease Obese People

To tease obese people is not only incorrect from the point of view of morality, but it is also extremely bad for these people. It turns out that it greatly reduces their motivation to lose weight.

Obese man

111 obese men and women have taken part in the survey conducted by the team of scientists led by Dr. Lenny Vartanian from the University of New South Wales. Almost half of the respondents reported their having experienced some form of condemnation at least once a week. It could be a nasty loud comment about someone, or a refusal to give a job because of excessive weight. But most of all, obese people are hurt by caustic remarks of their relatives, doctors and even spouses about fitness exercises. According to the author of the study, people with overweight get reserved and cease being engaged in sports having heard the negative reaction of their nearest people.

Source of the image: Photl.

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