Court Bans Couple from Making Sex Noises


It is nobody’s business what people do in the privacy of their homes. But if you start making repairs and all the hammering and grinding gives your neighbors a headache, the law can meddle in. Turned out the law can interfere even when it comes down to sex noises.

Steve and Caroline Cartwright

Married couple gained no sympathy from the judge as they lost court appeal to reverse a ban on having noisy sex in their own home. The couple’s bedroom adventures deprived neighbors of sleep and sounded as if someone was being murdered behind the wall. Not only neighbors complained about the noise but also passers-by and even a mail carrier. The couple received a noise abatement notice that banned them from ‘shouting, screaming or vocalization at such a level as to be a statutory nuisance’. That made Caroline Cartwright, 48, file an appeal with reference to human rights.

She and her husband Steve “howled” during sex and uttered “unnatural and hysteric” sounds. 10 minute recording of the sex sessions was listened to in court and apparently swayed the judge to reject their appeal. The sessions usually started at midnight and lasted for several hours. Caroline Cartwright said she can’t stop making noise during sex, she can’t help it. But the court was uncompromising.

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