Bride-to-be Sells House to Afford Plastic Surgery


A bride sold her house to pay for plastic surgery, which allowed her to feel confident on her wedding day. Now she does not have any house, but she is still happy.


Englishwoman Tsia Pullen felt she was too plump before the wedding as her weight was 113 kg, when the love of her life, 33-year-old Alistair, proposed to her. The 34-year-old girl did not dare to look at herself in the mirror because she felt disgust at seeing her reflection. She was determined to get rid of excess weight as soon as possible before the wedding, and only radical plastic surgery could help.

The problem was that Tsia did not have the money for the surgery. Then the resident of Bolton decided to sell her house for 80,000 pounds and move to the bridegroom in another city. During the two years, she spent 22,000 pounds on plastic surgery, which took place in Belgium. At first, it was gastric bypass shunt (8000), which helped her to lose 63 kg. Then, she had lifting of the arm and thigh area (4000), breast lifting (3500), breast augmentation (3000), and liposuction (700). These surgeries have cost 19,000, and three thousand pounds were spent on flights and accommodation.


By that time, they had already planned to live together, so Tsia told Alistair she was going to sell the house, pay 55,000 pounds of mortgage, and spend the remaining amount on her own transformation before the wedding. After losing extra weight, she had to fight with sagging skin. But then she got completely happy because she had got the appearance that any bride could dream of. Tsia believes they still can buy a house – it is a matter of time.