How Does the Face Change After Quitting Drinking?

Almost everything is known about the fact that drinking alcohol is bad and unhealthy, but many people still allow themselves to sip 2-3 glasses of wine in the evening in a good company, or at home trying to relieve stress. What will happen to your appearance if you decide to completely give up alcohol?


The Daily Mail has decided to conduct this experiment and invited 40-year-old mother of two children from Falkirk, Laura Hogarth. Prior to the experiment, Laura took about 15 doses of alcohol per week, which is equivalent to 5 large glasses of wine. For the vast majority of adults, this amount seems quite harmless, and some people would find it even useful.

After a few days of complete abstinence from alcohol, Laura’s usual red skin began to improve dramatically. Redness gradually disappeared, although during the first week the veins around the nose were still visible. What the woman was particularly pleased with was that her eyes grew brighter. Doctors stress that after a person makes a point of alcohol abstinence, the body will need a few weeks to restore normal blood flow through the vessels and get rid of the characteristic red color.

Prior to the experiment, Laura used to wake up 2-3 times a night, but during the 2nd week of the experiment, she started sleeping like a baby. During the third week, she began to notice a difference in the dryness of the face skin and the whole body. Previously, when Laura took off her leggings, she used to have wet spots on them, but then they were gone.

By the end of the 4th week of complete abstinence from alcohol, the woman had got rid of headaches and got more energy. Her lips became less dry, and redness on the face had disappeared. And most importantly, her craving for alcohol weakened. After the completion of the experiment, Laura decided to continue to abstain from alcoholic beverages.

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