Authorities Forbid a Girl to Bear Her Own Sister


Authorities Forbid a Girl to Bear Her Own SisterThe girl is just 10, but her mother already knows that her daughter will never have children. Molly was born with a genetic defect which made her hopelessly sterile. The girl herself doesn’t, of course, understand what her diagnose means, and her mother decided to manage things so that her daughter would never realize all heaviness of sterility.

In 2005 the woman gave a few of her egg cells for keeping so her daughter could use them in 10-15 years for artificial insemination. Despite the fact that, practically, Molly will bear her own sister (or brother), such procedure is absolutely legal and ethical from the government’s point of view. Besides, as the girl’s mother says, this is better than to bear someone else’s baby.

However, from juridical point of view still there are some certain difficulties. Britain law allows to keep egg cells for no more than 10 years – it means that Molly has to use them before she is 18. Otherwise the egg cells will be destroyed in 2015, and the girl’s mother won’t be able to give new ones for keeping – again because of the law. Moreover, there is no possibility for the woman to give her cells after 2005 – in accordance with the law, only women under 36 are eligible for this procedure.

Obviously, 18 years is rather early for making independent decision to bear a child or not to. Besides, not every girl has a husband at this age. For this reason the girl’s mother wants to initiate the legislative changes, which will give Molly more time.

“I just want my daughter to have chance to bear children, like every normal woman” – her mother told Daily Mail. – “But I’m not going to let her make such an important choice at this young age.”

The girl’s disease is called Turner syndrome. This ailment shows through immaturity of genitals and breasts, skin defects and inhibited physical development. Eventually, the sick have higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, aural and genitourinary infections.


  1. Being sterile is only terrible if, as an adult, a woman wishes to have children, and NOT ALL WOMEN DO. Stating that she wants her child to have the chance to bear children “like every normal woman” is insulting – there are perfectly normal women that are unable to have children, and putting such an emphasis on this is just asking for the girl to have issues in the future. And if her mother produced a child that is “abnormal”, the liklihood of her eggs producing the same problems in her daughter is extremely high, and since Turner Syndrome accounts for about 10% of all miscarriages (in the US)…what’s worse – having to adopt a child because you’re physically unable to have your own, or trying to have a child using your mother’s eggs only to have a miscarriage?

  2. Oh good grief. People with painful, harrowing, life-destroying diseases like cancer, MS and kidney disease CAN’T GET TREATED because health care is too expensive. More and more doctors are turning people away if they can’t pay, even for things we all assume can be cured or treated. KNOWN treatments are being denied patients because of “hard times,” but somehow we’re supposed to pony up and pay for people with genetic problems to HAVE KIDS?

    Oh, and who cares what it costs, it’s all so tragic that they won’t be able to pass on their genetic flaws without HELLLLLLP. Tell me why the living must suffer hardship and go broke – and DIE – while paying for others’ “future children?” Isn’t this a bit of a luxury, to jack up medical costs by helping people like this reproduce, when EXISTING sick people are being denied care because of COST? This is ridiculous and ethically offensive, and you may be sure it’s ALL about more money for the corporations, NOT for alleviating human suffering.

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