Red and White Rivers


Beautiful RiverToday here is one more task for your mental beauty. Two rivers are flowing near each other. One of them is red, the other one is white. What are these rivers? Please, if you want to find the solution yourself, do not look at the comments of this post, because someone could have already written it there. Good luck!

You will find the solution in the next brain game. You are always welcome to ask questions about the task, in case something is not clear. But sorry, I will not answer leading questions.

The answer to the previous brain game is: the toy costs between $10.00 to $10.99. The first Geniusbeauty has between 0 and 99 cents and the second Geniusbeauty has between $9.00 and $9.99. Congratulation to Sajjad Malang, Chris, Doug Subjeck, Nuveen Cosmetic Surgery, New York Diva! These nice people gave the right answer without mistakes.


  1. Generally red and white are both moving in your arteries and veins. Actually though, the red blood cells are flowing like a river while the white cells are mostly ‘hugging’ onto cells and ‘rolling’ along the sides. That would make for one river flowing inside another. (the lymph system carries leukocytes or white blood cells where leuko is white in greek) I vote with Diane and Jan saying arteries/lymph, but cars aren’t bad.

  2. A question Geniusbeauty. Where is your server located – the Maritimes, Bermuda or the Caribbean? The posting times are one hour ahead of our time in NYC.

  3. Ok, my answer is medicine related too: i guess is not the one with lymph/blood since lymph is not white, it’s yellow. So my answer is: a blood vessel and the nerv near it – the blood vassel is the red river since it transports blood, and the nerv is the white river since nervs have white opaque collor and they could be considered “rivers” since electronic impulses flow through them.

  4. I don’t believe the artery/lymph systems for two reasons:
    – lymph isn’t just white blood cells, it contains extra cellular fluid and other gunk
    – lymph vessels really dont tend to run alongside arteries/veins (nor nerves for that matter)

    I reckon the headlight/taillight answer seems the best.

  5. For those of you who are saying the Nile:

    There is a Blue Nile and a White Nile, not a red one

  6. I too believe that the answer is a city street at night.
    I remember as a child riding in a car watching the white river flowing toward me and floating in the red river.

  7. The answer is Blood, because red-blood cells and white blood-cells are flowing together in blood.

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