Face Exercises – Get Rid of Wrinkles

Beautiful Woman’s Face with some WrinklesAge is something bringing experience and wisdom. Skin wrinkles are the sign of age nobody has ever been happy about. Getting older is a natural process no one can stop. The topic of this article is how to prevent wrinkles without surgery, anti-aging creams and injection of beauty. I will tell you about a natural method of face wrinkle prevention and reduction – facial aerobics. Just as our body gets better after regular visits to the gym, our face looks younger and more beautiful after regular facial fitness. Learn how to do this.

Why Skin Wrinkles Appear

Wrinkles normally appear as a result of aging processes or temporarily. Temporary wrinkles appear because of a prolonged staying in water. To discover this, just take a bath for about 20 minutes and then look at your fingers. Age wrinkles appear not so fast, but they do not vanish in some minutes, too. The causes of facial wrinkles can be different:

  • habitual facial expressions,
  • bad ecology,
  • aging,
  • gravity,
  • unhealthy diet,
  • smoking,
  • poor hydration,
  • estrogen levels,
  • collagen decrease,
  • over-exposure to sunlight.

    Wrinkle Removal

    Face wrinkles can be removed, for example, by lifting. There also exist anti-aging creams, which give positive effects. There is a whole lot of products promising wrinkle reduction. Both surgery and high quality anti-aging creams cost too much. Injections of beauty (like botox) can be really dangerous. And if you do not want to pay this money or risk your beauty, try the face gymnastics.

    Face Fitness Reducing Wrinkles

    Cute MonkeyYour body consists of many muscles, which should be regularly trained. Your face has muscles too, and these muscles can and should be firmed up as well. Do facial exercises every day. You can do it in front of the mirror before shower. Do not be lazy to find 15 minutes a day, because it will not only reduce wrinkles, but also make much fun. You will understand why, when you see this monkey in the mirror. Whether you have first wrinkles or furrows, it is worth doing!

    Get Rid of Lines around the Lips

    Today here is the first face exercise, which helps get rid of the lines around the lips, which are caused by habitual facial expressions.

    • Stand in front of the mirror.
    • Stretch your mouth as much as you can, as if you say “cheese”, but keep your mouth closed.
    • Stay with this mine for 2 seconds.
    • In the next second pucker your face, so that your lips almost touch the nose.
    • Stay with this face for 2 seconds.
    • In the next second repeat the first position: stretch your mouth as much as you can, as if you say “cheese”, but keep your mouth closed.
    • Stay so for 2 seconds.
    • In the next second make a wondering face, as if you are saying “go”, pull your lips forward and a bit downward as far as you can.
    • Stay so for 2 seconds.
    • Repeat everything from the beginning.
    • Make 20 repetitions of the cycle.
    • During all these exercises breath in and out every two seconds.
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