What Do Men Like Most about Female Body?


Popular science magazine Nature has published the results of study showing what part of female body looks most appealing to men. The group of American natural scientists headed by Michel Hopkins discovered that the most appealing thing about women’s body is their waist, and the smaller the waist, the better.


English poetry of XVI – XVII centuries celebrated nothing of female body but a small waistline. Devendra Singh form the University of Texas, Austin, claims that his research team examined more than a hundred of old poems and they mainly berhymed female waist. Poets just occasionally mentioned such female charms as breast and thighs. Long legs, tall height and small weight are all the standards of our times imposed on the society by high-fashion business and advertising. Obviously, famous fashion models such as Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen haven’t got any waist.

In Ancient Egypt, from Victorian era and till the first issue of Playboy magazine was published, “sand-clock” like female figure had been highly praised or how they said in South Europe – “guitar”.

But the secret of plump body shape and small waists lies not only in eye appeal. Such form of female body tells about woman‘s health and fertility. It indicates small abdominal fat deposits and the high level of female sex hormone – estrogen.


  1. Eyes–> I don’t care about the colour as long as they have dark prominent limbal rings
    Lips–>not too big, not too thin, but need to have a shape
    Breasts–> not too big, not too small-handful is the ideal but need to be firm!
    Buttocks–> I don’t care if it’s big or small as long as it is rounded and firm
    Teeth-need to be white and straight
    Hair- Definitely need to be healthy and curly or wavy…

  2. Im not very curvey and i don’t have big breasts. But i feel that wether a woman is big,medium or whatever shouldn’t matter as much itss how good in bed she is lol x

  3. Women should stop objectifying themselves and caring about what men like. If they don’t like what you got, let them go fuck themselves.

  4. I have no clue why people get so upset about which the body shape should be the perfect. Size 0,1,2, 3, or 4? Be careful! So many women wear those sizes who are not necessarily belong to an hour glasses body category. They are naturally small, or slender. Ok, here is my preference. As a woman, I like healthy looking women, not too skinny or not too fat. It is not always true that when a woman is skinny, she has an eating disorder such as anorexia because of the body image effect. In my little investigation, it’s a health issues. It could be mentally or physically that causes her to have a skinny body. Of course, lack of nutrition (eating less) plays in her weight loss. I can use myself as an example. Before I got pregnant, I weighed between 115 pounds to 125 pounds at 5’2″ tall. I had a large breasts (32/34cupC) that most people thought that I had a surgery. My waistline was 25″ and hip was 32″. To cut a long story short,I gave birth to a baby who weigh almost an 8 lbs. It took me a less than two months to get to 87 lbs from 135 lbs(pregnancy weight). My physicians were alarmed about my condition, so one of them sent me to a laboratory with an emergency note in it that I needed it asap. I was concerned as I got dizzy a lot. Well, my hormonal changes almost got me killed. It was a sudden weight loss. I didn’t like to eat. Foods were so smelly. However, today, I’m same as usual except my hips got two inches wider and weigh 105 lbs and I eat good since my sense of smell is back to normal. Anyway, I still want to weigh a little bit more, but not above 125 or 130. I do not have a love handle or stretch marks. I did a lack of effort to be fit again. Again, I am just fortunate. It’s just happened I’m the most lucky person like a mega millions’ winner. I don’t brag about my sexiness to women. Many of them think that I get a date quicker.

    Am I happy with my shape?

    I’m content with myself. My husband love me whether I’m sexy or not. He doesn’t even care if I just wear a shirt and jeans in our dinner at five star restaurants while he is in his suit. Lol. I still see his sweet smiles.

    Why do I like other shapes more than the other?

    I prefer those women in curvy over slender, chubby, or athletic figures. I have no further explanation about this. They do not turn me on sexually, certain men do. The big bellies or extra weight on legs gross me out in both gender, men or women. When I see an hour glass with a large breasts, it makes me think that the figure is so beautiful like the picture frame in a rectangular shape. I think that the landscape figures appeals to me and to many people compare to the other shapes. Check the building from exterior to interior, blackboard, and other items that are cut in a rectangular form. What did you notice? Which shape is dominant.

    In short, I like healthy human bodies, not the freaking extra fat skin hanging due to too much eating an unhealthy foods, or laziness.

    I do not understand young women who are fat due to a poor diet plan. I can sympathy with women who got through pregnancy.

  5. Personally, I think that most of the most of the comments coming from the female aspect of the comments are funny. Yes, women aren’t perfect and yes personality is important but honestly, when you compare yourself up against other women, what is the first thing you look at and compare? The breast? Face? Hips? Size?

    Even as women, even we know that these physical traits are attractive and is one of the first things that attract a guy… so why are you so critical of all the honest and truthful answers?

    Also, isn’t a guys attractive face/body the first thing that attracts you (as women) to a guy?

  6. Erotic photography is too obsessed with the naked cunt, perhaps the least beautiful of any female body part. A shapely ass, a trim waist, and a moderately sized breast are turn ons, as are many parts not usually deemed sexual. Shaven cunts are not beautiful; they make me feel like a gynecologist. That part of a woman needs a natural or nicely trimmed bush to show it off to best advantage and even then it is best viewed from the back where the ass can frame and offset it.

  7. I think Im a great size . i whear a 2, i often feel like im not good enough for most guys even tho i work out. Breast normal my abs are shaped weird i work them out but god what do guys really want lord its all to anoyying ………

  8. I know the answer to this its straight forward and called a “fanny” you boneheads its definitely “the fanny” men say they like this and that about women but when the push comes to shove men’s favourite part of the female body got’s to be fanny hands down.

  9. I go to university and there are women from all different ages and i must say i cannot stand some of the younger women who constantly seem to want to talk about their bodies and what men find attractive and some of the guys do it i just don’t like people objectifying themselves male or female find something better to talk about when your at university there is also one woman who likes to talk about women with long hair and she went as far to have a long discussion that men like women with long hair its just so immature.

  10. well yes,slim waist is an important and attractive feature of females,but for those women who will feel bad about themselves coz of not having slim waist and curvy body after reading this article, please remember that human diversity should always be respected. Diversity is everywhere and same with the body type and female attraction. i do agree that most men in western culture will find women curvy like beyonce with a great waist and hip definition sexy. But this so-called fact may make women with belly fat feel bad about themselves. Talking about fertility , my mom had a tiny slim body with no curves, but when she gave birth to me , it went far smoothly than her other curvier female roommates, and i was born really healthy . Attractiveness is a complicated and diverse thing, for men all over the world, face, body, personality, all can matter. But what matters the most , it depends. if you say simply looking at the body of females and choose the most attractive one,may come the curvy one with slim waist. but real life is not that simply looking at the body thing, it’s complicated. everyone tends to defend themselves aren’t they? curvy ones tend to hate slim ones, slim ones are self-conscious seeing the curvy ones. But please remember that everyone is different and deserves to be understood , respected and loved, as well as getting sexually attracted to others.

  11. Women should not care what men think about them because they are perfect just the way you are and if they don’t like you being you then they are just butts and can stop saying your ugly or looking dumb you are you and be happy with your body weather you are thin or fat tall or short you are you and perfect the way you are.

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