Warning: Man in the House


Warning! Man Here!Men act as if they were all natural disasters at once, wreaking havoc to our so cherished houses. Not always can we stave off this imminent danger, but we can, at least, mitigate its aftermaths. Check out where disaster strikes and find out how to prevent it.

1. Flood in Bathroom

When a man leaves this residence of hygiene, a bathroom – whether he took a bath or stepped into a shower stall – always looks like it’s been raining heavily there, mirrors steamed, water splashed all over the place, slippers floating in puddles on the floor and cream tubes slipped off the bathroom ledges.

Things that may help barricade the flood waters: a shower curtain or shower screen, bathroom rug (or a floor towel) spread beside the bath tube to soak splashed water before it can flow all over the floor. Cleaning steam off the mirror is your bathroom air vent job.

2. Tornado in Clothes Closet

That sounds like grueling part. First thing to prevent the mess in all the drawers and shelves is to smartly organize your closet space – here is the place for his socks, here is a T-shirts drawer, etc. Then, your “destroyer” should be showed around the closet. The key for successful closet space organization is convenience. Place the things he needs occasionally in the upper and bottom compartments. And the things he needs everyday should be easy to find and grab. There could not be too many hangers in a closet. Be sure if he spots empty hanger, his shirt will be hung on it right away.

3. Tsunami in Sink

If kitchen sink overflows with dishes and dirty cups and plates are found anywhere you can place them on around the house, you can get into that Cinderella role, picking dishes up and washing them without a word of reproach. But here is a more effective approach for you – try hard to ignore the mess and leave it like this. Eventually, your cupboard will run out of clean dishes, pressing him into washing a cup or a plate. You are going to only benefit from his bitter criticism over there-are-no-clean-dishes-in-the-kitchen problem. It would be a great chance to set the rules for dealing with dirty dishes once and for all.

4. Environmental Disaster

Dirty dishes around the house are not the only plague! What about annoying scattered dirty clothes! You can find men’s dirty socks in the most surprising places? It seems like not easy task to deal with that outraging habit. All you can do is to consult him on the proper place for dirty clothes. If that doesn’t work, try to ignore it like with dirty dishes.

And trust your intuition; it is going to tell you what to do even if your situation seems helpless. But in the midst of your desperate efforts to cope with natural disasters inside your house, make sure you fight with them, and not with your man.

Source of the image: northphoenixagent.wordpress.com.