10 Sperm Myths and Facts


There are a lot of myths about sperm traveling around those days. Which of them are true, and which are not? Every woman, probably has asked herself this question already. Often enough there is no-one to ask for an answer to it. Women are usually uncomfortable asking this kind of question to a gynecologist. Let us go through some of the most widespread myths about sperm.


Sperm is a unique cosmetic substance which has a rejuvenating effect on the body

Indeed, sperm does contain enormous amount of useful components, which create comfortable environment for the spermatozoon. Unfortunately some allergic reactions can be encountered.

It is possible to determine how much time has elapsed since the man had sex when the color of the sperm is explored

Partly yes. Examining the sperm for its color we practically determine its number and concentration values, which can affect the color of the sperm. The more and the denser signify greater amount of potential that has built up. But do not forget that it may have been quite some time since the last sex he had, but he could have masturbated recently, since man with a weak sexual constitution can easily sustain abstinence.

The taste of the sperm depends on what the man eats

Yes, this one is true. Surely, we can not determine what exactly he consumes in his daily ration. Nevertheless, we can more or less depict the preferences towards sweet or spicy food. But do not forget that sperm has a taste itself; this taste can partially block any other taste.

Alcohol consumption affects the consistency of the sperm

Not directly. Reproductive potential of a man will decrease, however, under regular consumption of alcohol.

By refraining from sex one can increase his sperm’s capability to impregnate

Yes, but one should not overdo it. A man should not “save” his sperm for over 7-10 days; the sperm’s performance then decreases. Sex twice a week (when the days are close to ovulation) is a perfect strategy when a couple wants to conceive a baby.

Quality of the sperm decreases as one grows older

Yes, every aspect of the quality does. Yet, the capability to fertilize an egg does remain while the probability decreases.

Wearing tight underwear is unhealthy

Trendy tight underwear reduce the blood flow to the testicles and thus make them hot; the number of spermatozoon released during ejaculation in the body of tight-undies-lover’s is much lower. Yes, men are recommended to wear loose boxers.

Some More Interesting Sperm Facts

  • The process of spermatozoon production requires environment with the temperature 3-5 degrees below the body temperature.
  • 70 to 150 million spermatozoon are produced daily in the body of a man.
  • During ejaculation spermatozoon travel at the speed of 18 to 45 km/hr.

Source of the image: photl.com.