Appetite Suppressant Revealed

Finally, scientists have found appetite-suppressing substance, which will help us fight the desire to eat something delicious as a midnight snack!

This substance hemopressin is found in human body, which means that its use in weight loss drugs can lead to very effective results without causing compromising stress on the organism.

Weight loss

Hemopressin blocks reward centers in the brain, which are activated when we are enjoying a snack or a cigarette. As a result, the volume of food consumed will be significantly reduced. Moreover, according to one of the co-authors of the study, Dr. Garron Dodd, this substance suppresses appetite without causing any side effects.

The idea is- we need to stop eating for pleasure and consume food strictly in order to satisfy hunger. Scientists from the University of Manchester claim that similar approach can be used for the treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction.

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