Most Women Prefer Experienced Lovers?


Women do not like sexually inexperienced men, neither they are interested in heartbreakers who have won dozens of girls’ hearts. American researchers have found what number is okay with women.


Scientists from James Cook University found that women instinctively repel men who’ve had either too little or too much sexual experience. The suitable number is one or two regular girlfriends and a few random affairs. Women get involved with men who were popular with other women in the past.

Sexual experience

The study involved university students aged 17 to 40. Most of them did not wish to date young people who had no sexual experience, as well as those men who had dated many girls. Two permanent girlfriends in the past was the most desirable indicator for the majority of the respondents.

The co-author of the study, Ryan Anderson, says that women need the men previously “approved” by other women. If a guy has already dated girls, he has something appealing and is able to maintain a steady relationship. If young people have never had such a relationship in the past, girls consider them either unattractive or not striving to stability in their personal life. Both repel women. Too many previous relationships turned out bad, too. The girls were least interested in those young people who had 5 permanent girlfriends in the past.