Most Attractive Men Are Selfish


British researchers have received scientific confirmation of what many people have long suspected. They have proved that attractive men are more egoistic.


When it comes to male beauty, many women believe that the more attractive the man is, the more selfish he is. According to the research conducted by the scientists from Brunel University London in the UK, this opinion is valid. They found that handsome men were much less altruistic.

It is not the first time that the psychological aspects of human attraction have been researched. In December 2014, the Medical News Today edition reported on a study which found that people with average attractiveness seemed more credible than handsome men. Now, the UK scientists found out that male attractiveness is related to generosity.

To begin with, the researchers examined the bodies of 63 men and 62 women with the help of a 3D-scanner. This made it possible to establish the degree of their attractiveness, including not only the facial features, but also the right body proportions. The participants then filled in special questionnaires, which could be used to judge on how generous or selfish they were.

Finally, everyone took part in the experiment, during which it was necessary to give any money to charity or simply to express willingness to sacrifice something for a good cause. It was found that the more attractive the men were, the more selfish they turned out to be. However, this was not true for women.