Most Americans Are Dissatisfied with Their Sexual Life


A recent survey clearly demonstrates the common problems of the Americans’ sexual life. So, what are they?

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Alas, more than half of the Americans surveyed by order of one of the largest condom manufacturers are dissatisfied with their sex lives. To be specific – with the duration of sexual intercourse. Interestingly, 37% believe that intimacy does not last as long as they would like, and another 14%, on the contrary, do not mind sex ending as quickly as possible. 75% of men and 66% of women are trying to change the tempo of frictions, if they are not satisfied with something. 25% of respondents believe that the ideal length of sexual intercourse is 10 minutes or less.

During this same survey, the most desirable places for sex were named. The leader in the women‘s list was the Eiffel Tower. The second place was taken by Buckingham Palace. Men prefer the White House.

If we talk about sex at home, 31% choose shower, 23% – a sofa, and 22% go to the porch for these purposes.

The top three love scenarios in the sex hit parade are sex in a car, sex in the pool, and sex on the beach.

The study also showed that 61% of Americans believe that healthy sexual relationship makes you a better husband or wife.