Do Men Prefer Blondes?


As you know, gentlemen prefer blondes. Scientists decided to check this saying and organized an experiment, which was attended by young women.


The Wig Experiment

The study involved women aged 20 years. Each volunteer received a black, dark brown and blonde wig, and a simple white blouse. Looking like this, the girls were sent to walk through the park. There each of the participants had to drop a glove so that it could be noticed by a man strolling nearby. The purpose of the experiment was to calculate how often and whose gloves men would pick up more often.

Blondes Win

The counting of the results showed that the men most frequently picked up and returned the glove to blondes (76% of cases), followed by brown-haired ladies (59%) and brunette women (57%).

Why Do Men Like Blondes?

Scientists suggest that light hair color signals to men about the health of young ladies. According to MEN’S LIFE, this unconscious “reading” of the information that blonde hair “sends” to men explains why gentlemen prefer blondes more than girls with dark hair. Do you believe that men like blondes more?