Half of Men Don't Know Their Wives' Size


Half of men do not know the clothing sizes of their wives or girlfriends, and 10% have no idea what music their beloved listens to. Such dismal results were obtained from a recent opinion poll.

Man, woman, present

You should not be surprised that men do not demonstrate much imagination when choosing gifts for women. After all, they do not buy fashionable clothes to their partners simply because they have no idea about ​​their size. As a rule, wives are involved in buying clothes in a family. They always remember all the sizes of their spouses.

The survey has shown that 46% of British men have no idea what clothes size their wives or girlfriends have. Only 28% of the respondents could recall the bra size, and less than two-thirds could hardly recollect the beloved woman’s shoe size. 30% of the men did not know what fragrances their wife or girlfriend preferred, while 12% did not pay any attention to what they liked to eat.

More than 10% of the men did not know the musical tastes of their partner, while 5% could not remember when they celebrated their wedding anniversary or the beginning of the relationship. 1% of the surveyed men happened to be absolutely soulless: they forgot about their wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday. But as much as 73% of the men believed that it was not important to know the size of clothing or footwear of their beloved.

The most important thing for 92% of the men was to have an idea about ​​what made their women happy. And not to forget about it. As for sizes, the majority of men could not bear shopping. Therefore, they did not keep this information in their head.