5 Online Dating Taboos to Break


Down with stereotypes! You can find your love today if you allow yourself to go beyond the usual boundaries. We’ll tell you about the new rules of finding love online.

1. Be active

Forget about the rule “The man makes the first step.” If you see a profile of a guy who you’d like to meet you – go for it! There is no point opening his page day and night and sighing in hope that he will write to you first.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

“A biker? Oh, no, it’s not for me!” – that’s what you say to yourself and knowingly discard a nice and interesting guy. Forget about this kind of behavior and do not be afraid to get acquainted with men a little older, a little younger, and of any other type, you have usually shunned.

3. If you want to meet – just do it

In our progressive age, it is not necessary to wait for the guy to invite you to a date. Moreover, the fact that you met on the Internet already demonstrates a certain progressiveness of your views. This Romancetale dating site review busts more myths about online dating. So, don’t stick to common beliefs. Act today!

4. Be yourself

Hidden behind a beautiful profile picture, it’s so easy to imagine yourself as someone else. Do not give in to this temptation, be real. Otherwise, your first date will bring only disappointment.

5. Forget about the past

A negative experience can prevent you from building new relationships, and then dating will become a convenient way to hide from the real intimacy. Do not allow yourself to stay in the “safe” online mode for long – appoints real dates, talk to new people and do not be afraid to look for love!