Happier Couples Gain More Weight

The scientists have reached the conclusion that the more successful the family is, the higher the body mass index of its members will be.

Happy Woman and man

Similar findings were made in the course of monitoring 169 young couples. The period of marriage by the time of the experiment was less than 6 months. When the experiment started, the husbands were on average 25 years old, and their wives were 23. The men were not fans of athletic training, but the girls were in good shape.

It was found that those who were lucky with their spouse gained weight after four years of living together. It could be caused by the fact that their married life resembled an affectionate period of presenting candies and bouquets of flowers. Moreover, when we feel good, we do not want to count the calories.

Interestingly, the people, who were considering divorce, took great care of their appearance – apparently, they hoped that their main meetings were yet to come.

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